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The entity atdm::target_callobjectpfunction is a useful entity to call one script object function on multiple entities.

The main difference between this entity and atdm::target_postscriptevent is as follows:

  • atdm:target_callobjectfunction only works on entity that have a script object associated with them
  • atdm:target_callobjectfunction can only call functions defined in that script object (general script events like "Off" are not supported? check this)
  • atdm:target_postscriptevent cannot (yet) call object functions as a fallback

Currently it is a bit difficult to know when to use which of these two entities, they will hopefully be merged into one target entity soon.


This entity is very useful to manipulte combined light entities.


The following spawnargs can be used on this entity:


The call spawnarg gives the name of the script object function to call. Examples are:

  • "LightsOff", "LightsOn", "LightsToggle" (for lights)

and so on. A full list of available events can be found in the files script/doom_events.script and script/tdm_events.script.

delay (float, default: 0)

Note: Not yet implemented.

The delay spawnarg specifies an initial delay in seconds, before the first event will be fired.

wait (float, default: 0)

Note: Not yet implemented.

The wait spawnarg specifies the delay in seconds between each subsequent event (e.g. between one and the next target).


See the map test/ for an example on how to turn lights on/off.