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Internal Links

Links to other Wiki articles

Creating links to other Wiki Articles is easy: Just place double brackets around the term(s) you'd like to carry the link like this:


And this is what it looks like:


Note that links to existing pages will appear blueish, while links to non-existing articles will appear in red.

Tip: You can also use the shortcut button to create internal links: Simply highlight the to-be-linked text and press this button: Button link.png. It will automatically be surrounded by double brackets.

Links to anchors

If you just want a link to an anchor on the same page, put a # before the headline:

[[#See also]]

The result is this:

#See also

Links with alternative text

The above example doesn't look so good, does it? If you want to add an alternative text, use the following syntax:

[[#See also|Please see also]]

I bet you already know how this looks like:

Please see also

Link to an anchor of a different article

Of course you can also link to anchors on other articles:

[[What's new in TDM 1.04#Changes / Features / Issues fixed|Changes in 1.04]]


Changes in 1.04

External Links

Links to other Web Pages

External links are even easier to create than internal links, just put the URL into your text like this:

And this is what it looks like:

External Links with Description Text or Images

You can add a description to your link if you do it like this:

[ The Dark Mod]

And this is what it looks like:

The Dark Mod

The URL of the linked page will go first, everything that is coming afterwards will be considered as description of the link. You can use spaces or whatever you like in your description, even images are allowed, for example:

[ImageURL ThumbnailURL]

See also