Adding Images to your Article

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As for now, it's not allowed to upload images to DarkWiki itself, so you will have to use some external hosting service like [ ImageShack].

Once you know the URL of your linked image, copy and paste it into your text like this:

The Wiki will recognize this as a link to an image and will automatically insert this image into your article at full size:


Adding ImageShack-Images to Wiki-Articles

Once you upload your image to ImageShack, a page containing a bunch of links appears. Copy the one named as "direct link to image" and paste it here like this:

This will insert the image at full size into your article.

Adding ImageShack-Images with Thumbnails

Inserting large 1024x768 screenshots can make the reading of your article hard (and increases bandwidth consumption), so it's cleaner to create a clickable thumbnail that links to the full size image.

As above, copy and paste the link named "direct link to image" into your text, this time in single brackets:


This will create a link to the full sized image. Now insert the link description, which in our case is the thumbnail of this image. For Firefox-Users just right-click on the actual preview thumbnail that ImageShack is showing you after upload and choose "Copy Image Location" and paste it right before the closing bracket like this (and after the space):


Note the space between the two links that is necessary to tell DarkWiki that these are two seperate strings. Now the thumbnail will be used as description for this external link.

Note: If you look closely you'll notice that the only difference between these two links is the thumbnail using .th.jpg instead of .jpg. As long as ImageShack doesn't change this format, you can also duplicate the link to the full image and insert the .th manually, thus saving the "Copy Image Location" part.

The result will look like this: