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What's new in TDM 1.08

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See also the changelog on our bugtracker.

Version 1.08 of The Dark Mod has been released on 2012-10-17.


Changes / Features / Issues fixed

  • #519: AI needs "wait for resource" lock (aka: work together) (AI) (tels)
  • #1395: Minimum reaction time for searching alert (AI) (grayman)
  • #1784: Find decent metal armour impact sound (Sound) (Springheel)
  • #1975: DoomConfig.cfg synchronization does not fully work. (GUI)(tels)
  • #2422: AI goes to lower floor when searching (AI) (grayman)
  • #2423: Archers ignore enemy when there are interesting sounds (AI) (grayman)
  • #2433: Jump sounds do not play on slanted surfaces (Sound System) (grayman)
  • #2485: Foot tapping too loud (Sound) (Springheel)
  • #2677: Weapon behaviour interrupted (Coding) (grayman)
  • #2681: assertion when loading Heart under Debug builds (Coding) (grayman)
  • #2695: AIs can not correctly handle certain doors (AI) (grayman)
  • #2714: Add specialized footsteps (Sound) (Springheel)
  • #2724: AI wields sword after relaxing from seeing a KO'd comrade (AI) (grayman)
  • #2812: Character 0xFF does not work in fonts (Coding)(tels)
  • #2816: AI are not alerted if you throw things at them (AI) (grayman)
  • #2905: AI comment about lights out on map start (Coding) (grayman)
  • #2920: Warned AI do not play walk_alerted walk (Coding) (grayman)
  • #2921: AI using "blood" bark when spotting corpse. (Coding) (grayman)
  • #2922: AI give arrow more attention than corpse (Coding) (grayman)
  • #2933: Add ability to select player start points to mission briefing (GUI) (grayman)
  • #2936: Merge the GPL'd D3 sources with the TDM codebase (Coding) (greebo)
  • #2940: Check new animations against torch-carriers (Animation) (Springheel)
  • #2943: Some electric lights casting unwanted shadows from their models (Design/Coding) (grayman)
  • #2948: AI death or KO can block door use (AI) (grayman)
  • #2956: Add a condensed Carleton font (GUI) (tels)
  • #2959: Let AI investigate a low-lighting shouldBeClosed door if they handle it (AI) (grayman)
  • #2961: Go through bow sounds (Sound) (Springheel)
  • #2962: Move tdmlauncher functionality into the game engine (TDM Launcher) (greebo)
  • #2963: Simplify mission PK4 setup (Design/Coding) (greebo)
  • #2972: Remove Sourcehook (Design/Coding) (greebo)
  • #2973: Fix uninitialised pointers returned by CollisionModelManager::Translate() (Design/Coding) (greebo)
  • #2974: irongatesegment.ase inverted normals (Models) (Serpentine)
  • #2975: Objects in forcefield move way too fast (player moves as expected) (Physics) (grayman)
  • #2976: Crash in Training Mission when triggering Message GUIs (Coding) (greebo)
  • #2978: Landing on diagonal surface makes no sound (Coding) (grayman)
  • #2981: Upgrade PugiXML library to 1.0 (Coding) (greebo)
  • #2982: jpeg's used in material stages result in artifacts (Graphics) (greebo)
  • #2983: Allow the the game window to be minimized easily (Coding) (Serpentine)
  • #2984: Remove the limitations on task switching from Win XP (Coding) (Serpentine)
  • #2986: Don't copy the gamex86 module to the mission folders (Design/Coding) (greebo)
  • #2988: Remove fonts with size 6 and 8 (Graphics) (tels)
  • #2994: Using inventory items on world entities with used_action_script: inventory item always flashes red (Script/Def) (angua)
  • #2997: SVN TDM (1.08) not saving games properly (Saving/Loading) (taaaki)
  • #2998: Weapon issue after a cinematic (Coding) (grayman)
  • #3001: Player cannot knock movables objects off edges (Coding) (grayman)
  • #3002: Screenshots still crashing on Linux (Coding) (Greebo)
  • #3004: Rare issue with AI getting stuck at doors (AI) (grayman)
  • #3005: Elevators broken by nearby visportals (AI) (grayman)
  • #3006: Missing sound shaders (Sound System) (tels)
  • #3010: Add sounds to player mantle (Coding) (grayman)
  • #3011: Frobbing an item does not activate physics for touching contacts (Physics) (grayman)
  • #3013: Allow any entity access to info_location entities (Feature proposal) (grayman)
  • #3016: Remove support for the SSD GUI (Coding) (tels)
  • #3017: make textAlign work with idChoiceWindow (Coding) (tels)
  • #3018: make choiceDefs work with any string (Coding) (tels)
  • #3019: The "Stealth Score" stat for Alert-4 (agit. searches) is cascading, so it overcounts (GUI) (grayman)
  • #3025: Failed KO animations can build up and play repeatedly (AI) (grayman)
  • #3026: Add "tired" sounds to Bow Draw (Coding) (Springheel)
  • #3028: EAX Audio selection problem (GUI) (tels)
  • #3029: AI should use an elevator if it's faster than walking (AI) (grayman)
  • #3032: Enhance debug display of AAS areas (Coding) (grayman)
  • #3033: Map compiler does not respect fms path (coding)(taaaki)
  • #3034: DoomConfig.cfg read/write locations (coding)(taaaki)
  • #3035: delete dmargs.txt, tdmlauncher etc (TDM Updater) (grayman)
  • #3037: Player can't hear footsteps while crouch running (Sound) (Springheel)
  • #3038: DDS loading only works up to 4 levels deep (Coding) (tels)
  • #3040: Trying to view images using mission browser in game crashes Dark Mod (GUI) (Angua)
  • #3043: Renderer has a limit of 10000 handles (Graphics) (tels)
  • #3046: 2nd acolyte head shadow issue (AI) (Springheel)
  • #3047: AI not noticing absence marker (Design/Coding) (grayman)
  • #3048: coding for target spawn entity (Coding) (tels)
  • #3049: Please add a standing AI page-turning animation (Animation) (Springheel)
  • #3050: Further changes to AI elevator use (AI) (grayman)
  • #3052: Alerted AI skips path_waitfortrigger (AI) (grayman)
  • #3054: Save screenshots to a central location (coding)(taaaki)
  • #3056: TDM crashes when using a sword (Coding) (grayman)
  • #3057: Deleting FM folder of installed mission causes DarkMod to break/crash (Coding) (taaaki)
  • #3059: "-" in skin names emits warnings (Coding)(tels)
  • #3060: Fonts that are not found leak a fontInfo entry everytime they are tried to be registered (Coding) (tels)
  • #3063: Ai ramp up too quickly when player is seen (AI)(grayman)
  • #3064: Beds with shadow issues (Models) (Springheel)
  • #3067: Shadow comes on before light disappears (Coding) (tels)
  • #3069: Rats respond to alerts (AI) (grayman)
  • #3070: AI warning allies while in combat? (AI)(grayman)
  • #3071: Frequent Crashes during combat (Coding) (grayman)
  • #3072: Armed thug used unarmed flee bark? (AI) (Springheel)
  • #3073: Crash to main menu when switching to a camera (Graphics)(Serpentine)
  • #3074: Incorrect run animation when NPC has weapon attached but not drawn (AI)(grayman)
  • #3075: AI can enter combat while still kneeling (AI) (grayman)
  • #3077: Dousing a carried torch during relight causes problems (AI) (grayman)
  • #3078: AI are inconsistent when finding neutral bodies (AI) (grayman)
  • #3079: Crash in listSounds (Coding) (Serpentine)
  • #3080: Check and limit AA to the maximum value that the hardware/driver allows (Coding) (Serpentine)
  • #3083: Builder priest ragdoll broke (AI) (Springheel)
  • #3084: idlib/containers/List.h:576 Assertion `index < num' failed (Coding) (tels)
  • #3087: Archer "snaps" from turning animation to combat_idle (Animation)(Springheel)
  • #3089: Make r_showSurfaceInfo more TDM friendly (Coding) (Serpentine)
  • #3091: Finish rustle sounds for all AI (Sound)(Springheel)
  • #3092: Finish Light Entities (Def/Setup)(Baddcog)
  • #3093: Update flame particles (Graphics) (Springheel)
  • #3094: Prep St. Lucia for 1.08 release (mapping) (Springheel)
  • #3096: Archer should play run_torch.md5anim in stead of run.md5anim (AI)(Springheel)
  • #3099: Female Characters Miss Anims? Halts completely patrol cycle (Animation)(Springheel)
  • #3102: HUD compass appears black (Textures) (Serpentine)
  • #3104: Two AI passing through a locked door leaves the door unlocked (AI)(grayman)
  • #3109: tdm_light_holder doesn't swap def_attached skins (Script/Def) (tels)
  • #3110: TDM crashes before painting the main menu if "A Night to Remember" is in darkmod/fms (Design/Coding)(grayman)
  • #3111: Make the model loader fallback to ASE or LWO when the other doesn't exist (Coding) (tels)
  • #3112: Remove the spider queen (AI)(tels)
  • #3113: Add a simple way for single entities to be hidden depending on "Object Details" (Graphics)(tels)
  • #3114: Sort Light Entities (Def/Setup)(Springheel)
  • #3115: .lin (pointfile) cannot be written if maps/ does not exist (Coding)(taaaki)
  • #3116: Outpost candle out (Def/Setup)(Springheel)
  • #3117: Need release plan for old gamex86.dlls (Coding) (taaaki)
  • #3119: Treadmilling AI in Outpost (AI)(grayman)
  • #3120: Still some old fire particles somewhere (Graphics)(Springheel)
  • #3121: Add particle macro (Coding)(tels)
  • #3123: Need new torch animations and code corrections (AI)(grayman)
  • #3129: Chandeliers with 3 lights leave one light on too long when doused (Coding)(grayman)
  • #3130: Logs in fireplace entities do not switch skin when extinguished (Def/Setup)(grayman)
  • #3131: Rope arrow ignores armour (Coding)(grayman)
  • #3132: Ambient light is currently not considered in object illumination (Coding)(grayman)
  • #3136: Light entities changed (Def/Setup)(Springheel)
  • #3138: Visportals flush with doors not rendering properly (Coding)(Serpentine)
  • #3139: Restart Map button only works once (GUI)(grayman)
  • #3141: Remove proxy CVARs (Coding)(tels)
  • #3144: Lightgem brightness affected by turning. (Coding) (Angua)
  • #3155: Have updater download most recent version of St. Lucia and Training Map (TDM Updater) (grayman)
  • #3148: Finish rigging elite citywatch (AF)(Springheel)
  • #3151: New Mission blend (GUI)(Springheel)
  • #3152: Create a quick drop cards animation (Animation)(Springheel)
  • #3153: Making elite guard 02 entity (Def/Setup)(Springheel)
  • #3154: AI sitting/sleeping at map start can't receive a target in idle mode (AI)(grayman)
  • #3156: Prop torch flame doesn't stay with torch during cinematic (Design/Coding)(grayman)
  • #3162: Make changes to tdm_update for TDM 1.08 (TDM Updater) (grayman)
  • #3163: Fireplace flames too high? (Graphics) (Springheel)
  • #3164: Player arm freezes when attack button pressed (Coding) (grayman)
  • #3165: Rightful Property Doors completely silent (Coding) (angua)
  • #3169 Add new furniture and plant models (Models) (Springheel)
  • #3170 Allow v1.07 in addition to 1.07 as version in darkmod.txt (Coding) (tels)
  • #3176: Need kneeling animation for torch carriers. (Animation) (Springheel)
  • #3178: Fire Arrows no showing 'scorch' decal (Graphics) (grayman)
  • #3179: Light gem doesn't react to torches in Score to Settle (Coding) (angua)
  • #3184: Missions have AAS error in Linux (Coding) (greebo)
  • #3185: Visual Oddities in 1.08 (Graphics) (Springheel)
  • #3187: Increase limit of collision models (Design/Coding) (grayman)
  • #3192: interactionTableWidth limit of 4096 needs to be increased (Design/Coding) (grayman)
  • #3193: numofpages accepts integers only and not alphanumeric strings (GUI) (tels)
  • #3198: Chalice of the Kings freezes on loading with non english menu languages (GUI) (tels)
  • #3200: AI not hearing very well? (AI) (grayman)
  • #3205: Briefing text in Training Mission is cut off (GUI) (tels)
  • #3206: Heat haze fights with glare particle (Graphics) (Springheel)
  • #3208: tdm_updater builds wrong paths, fails to download from bloodgate.com (TDM Updater) (grayman)
  • #3211: tdm_update won't update saintlucia if fms/saintlucia doesn't exist (TDM Updater) (grayman)
  • #3214 darkmod.ini uses hardcoded path on linux (Coding) (tels)
  • #3225: There are no *.cfg files present after installation. (Coding) (tels)
  • #3226: Chalice Screenshots in Download Mission preview cause crash (Coding) (Springheel)
  • #3229: tdm_fonts01.pk4 is downloaded twice (Distribution) (greebo)
  • #3230: gui_parm1 etc are not translated (Coding) (tels)
  • #3231: Old particle being used (Graphics) (Springheel)


  • The death cry of AI killed by surprise will now be heard by nearby AI (previously they ignored it) (Springheel)
  • AI's reaction to dead bodies/missing loot will now travel further to other AI
  • New Builder Acolyte character added (Springheel)
  • New character entities added (Springheel)
  • Thug character textures updated (Springheel)
  • AI will react to objects thrown at them and may take damage. AI can be KO'd by heavy objects hitting them in the head. (grayman)
  • AI no longer immediately go to full alert when seeing player from long distances. (grayman)
  • New elite citywatch character added (Springheel)
  • AI react more realistically to warnings from friends


  • Fixed pain animations for archers so their bow doesn't clip through torso (Springheel)
  • Added new idle_warmhands_low animation for low flames or sitting AI (Springheel)
  • Added new lefthand animation for opening doors while holding weapons (Springheel)
  • Fixed some more torch animations (Springheel)
  • Improved run animations (Arcturus)


  • Added Nosslak's Alembic model
  • Added new, more realistic torch flame particle and torch entities (Arcturus)
  • Added Nosslak's new tree and Constantine's improved tree01
  • New dirty skins for various models (crates, barrels, etc) (Springheel)
  • Cleaned up/improved light entities (easier editing), added light entities for all models without them. (Baddcog/Springheel)
  • Added new models. Fences, gates, window skins, tools, sign mounts, stair railings, jewelry boxes, sign, window bars, wine crates and more. (Baddcog)
  • Added new models by Jessica Dihn (Grandfather clock, teapot, cabinet) (Baddcog)
  • Made some cabinet objects openable, added LOD's to some objects, improved some objects/textures, added some skins.(Baddcog)
  • Added some new foliage models by Nobiax
  • New stone bench by RPGista


  • Added new "Commander" vocal set (Actor: Narrator, Script: Springheel)
  • Went through all our nearly 500 movable entities and added at least 200 new sound files to improve the impact sounds, using sound contributions from Noisycricket, Mortem Desino and Amita. (Springheel)
  • Added impact sounds for ragdolls...bodies will no longer fall silently after kills/KOs. (Springheel)
  • Added improved sword and bow sounds. Arrows now make noise while in flight so you'll hear them zipping by you if you duck. (Springheel)
  • Added some more city ambient sounds from Amita
  • Added new Builder vocal set (Mortem Desino)
  • Player now makes grunt sounds when mantling (grayman)
  • AI make rustling noises when walking based on what they are wearing (Mortem/Springheel)


  • Movables that sit on top of other movables will now fall properly if the object under them is removed. (grayman)
  • Correctly distribute impulses to objects touching the moveable, and leave an appropriate amount for the moveable itself (movables can now more reasonably be knocked off when sitting on other movables). (grayman)
  • The annoying bug that would sometimes cause your arm to pause while swinging/shooting has been fixed (grayman)


  • The mod code was merged with the Doom 3 GPL source code. (Greebo)
  • The Lightgem has been optimized to use less resources (Serpentine and Angua)
  • The Ambient Light rendering has been broken into it's own shader for performance (rebb)
  • The Collision Model limit has been increased so more movables are possible (grayman)
  • The Model handle limit has been increased so maps may contain more models (tels)
  • The Interaction Table size has been increased so that more light interactions can be cached (grayman)
  • A variation of Carmack's shadow algorithm using StencilOpSeparate has been implemented to improve performance (Serpentine)
  • Branching and Cache behaviors in the renderer have been optimized (Serpentine)


  • Several new light textures and textures have been added, others have been cleaned up and updated.

TDMLauncher and Standalone TDM

  • TDMLauncher has been removed, and a new TheDarkMod executable is created. The engine can now reload the assets w/o requiring a restart. A restart is still required for certain video setting changes (like resolution) and switching between Russian and the Western languages. This also fixes issues running Catalyst AI with an AMD GPU.
  • Preparations are underway to make TDM load without D3 being present at all. This is not complete however, and maybe will not work 100% with v1.08, esp. since a important and hard to replace assets like animations are used from D3. See Standalone Progress for details.


  • A new Mason font has been added to be used for the huge headlines, including a Russian variant (Tels)
  • The backgrounds with the painted-on headlines using the Mason font (like "Settings", "New Mission") have been replaced by a combination of parchment, watermark overlay and ornamental overlay plus translatable text. (Tels)
  • A new Carleton Condensed font has been added and is used for the settings menu, to avoid texts overflowing (Tels)
  • The Top 50 (most often used) accented characters where added to Stone 24px, our HUD font. (Tels)
  • Support for Dutch, Hungarian and Slovak has been added. The translation for these languages is still missing, though. (Tels)
  • Support for Danish including a Danish translation have been added. (Tels, snobel)
  • The Spanish translation has been completed and updated (rubereaglenest)
  • The TDM character set has been extended by 25 characters, like Ż or Ă.

Please see this article for background and progress information of the internationalization effort.

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