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See also the changelog on our bugtracker.

Version 2.03 of The Dark Mod has been released on 2015-02-08.


  • AI will react if they are hit by an opening door (grayman)
  • Regular helmets no longer protect sleeping AI from KOs (grayman)
  • AI now coordinate their searches when many AI are involved in the same search--some AI will run to guard choke points (grayman)
  • New AI barks for AI searching together; new searching animations (Springheel)
  • new animation for AI noticing they have been pickpocketed (Arcturus)
  • The Lanternbot's whistle will now properly alert nearby AI
  • AI are far less likely to see directly behind themselves when turning their head
  • Running AI handle doors better


  • Particles no longer render during the Light Gem capture.(SteveL)

(This both improves performance and removes Light Gem artifacts from bright particles)

  • the LOD system has been extended to cover AI and animated objects (SteveL)
  • Soft Particles: particle effects will no longer show harsh edges when intersecting geometry (SteveL)
  • Water distortion no longer distorts things in front of the water (SteveL)
  • The Stats screen now tracks the number of game saves, and mappers can limit number of saves (Obsttorte)
  • The skybox used to flash grey when the player clipped into geometry while mantling. This is fixed. (SteveL)
  • Fog can now render over caulk without completely fogging-out the brush (SteveL)
  • The "Inline" keyword is now fully functional (SteveL)
  • Fog and Blend Lights are no longer rendered when hidden or off (SteveL)


  • numerous new models and skins have been added to the mod (Springheel)
  • several new light entities have been added (Springheel)
  • A number of entities are now using the LOD system by default, allowing for higher poly models close up (Springheel)
  • Many AI use LOD stages to allow for better performance. (Springheel)
  • Several AI have had their meshes and textures upgraded (Springheel)
  • A new "maiden" vocal set has been added (script: Springheel, vocals: Amber)
  • A new female townsfolk AI has been added (Springheel)
  • movable candles will now cast a soft shadow when carried (Springheel)
  • The spyglass will be properly round regardless of screen resolution (AluminumHaste)


  • Almost all of Melan's texture packs have been merged into the core mod (Bikerdude, Springheel)
  • loot textures have been given more shine to make them a bit easier to pick out (Springheel)
  • Some "Canon Texture Pack" textures from Wille, Purgator, MaxED, C-BEAM and Necrobob have been added (Bikerdude, Springheel)


  • Main menu now lists the currently installed mission (grayman)
  • The loading bar now accurately reflects the amount of time it takes a mission to load (grayman)


  • Various script events for string manipulation have been added. (Tels)

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