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Here is a community editable list of upcoming Fan Missions.

As with the main Fan Missions wiki, please do not directly link to any copyright infringing material.

Fan Mission Title Author(s) Links Estimated Release Date Last Update Mission Size Series

Cleaning Up the Neighbourhood some1stoleit Icon_forum.png In Beta 2018-03-17 Unknown
Chronicles of Skulduggery: Pearls and Swine Bienie Icon_forum.png In Beta 2018-03-25 Unknown
Seed of the Lodestar ERH+ Icon_forum.png In Beta 2018-02-06 VERY BIG!!!!!!!

The Order of Thieves: Qualifying Examination (Working Title) JackFarmer Icon_forum.png TBC 2018-03-16 unknown The Order of Thieves
Un-named WIP mission Spooks Icon_forum.png TBC 2018-03-25 unknown
Un-named WIP mission Judith Icon_forum.png TBC 2018-03-17 unknown
Un-named WIP Venice style mission NeonStyle Icon_forum.png TBC 2017-12-21 unknown
Un-named WIP mission Nohcelf Icon_forum.png TBC 2017-09-15 unknown
Un-named WIP mission Amadeus Icon_forum.png TBC 2017-08-15 unknown
Un-named WIP mission Fieldmedic Icon_forum.png TBC 2017-08-23 unknown
Un-named WIP mission Fingernail (Mod Founder!) Icon_forum.png TBC 2017-07-04 unknown
Un-named WIP mission Aosys Icon_forum.png TBC 2017-02-14 unknown
Un-named WIP mission Stumpy Icon_forum.png TBC 2017-02-13 unknown
Un-named WIP mission Dunedain19 Icon_forum.png TBC 2017-01-17 unknown
Un-named WIP mission Johannes Burock Icon_forum.png Icon_forum.png TBC 2017-04-17 unknown
Un-named WIP mission (Meanwhile in Newfoundland...) Dragofer Icon_forum.png TBC 2016-11-02 unknown
Un-named WIP mission Demagogue Icon_forum.png TBC 2016-06-27 unknown
The Unexpected Guest refl3ks Icon_forum.png TBC 2016-10-25 unknown

Un-named WIP mission Capela Icon_forum.png TBC 2016-01-28 unknown
Un-named WIP mission Obsttorte Icon_forum.png TBC 2015-12-19 unknown
Ascension Kvorning Icon_forum.png TBC 2014-08-27 unknown
Un-named WIP mission Chedap Icon_forum.png TBC 2014-07-23 unknown
Un-named WIP mission Railgun Icon_forum.png TBC 2014-04-16 unknown
Un-named WIP mission Krypt Icon_forum.png TBC 2013-11-13 unknown
Iceclaw Bikerdude, Fidcal. Icon_forum.png 2015? 2014-02-17 XXL Crucible of Omens
The Nexus Jdude, Melan, Bikerdude Icon_forum.png 2015? 2014-02-17 XXL Crucible of Omens
Restless Plunder Melan, Bikerdude Icon_forum.png 2014? 2014-02-17 XXL Crucible of Omens
William Steele 4 - The Warrens grayman Icon_forum.png 2018 2017-12 0 William Steele
William Steele 5 - Deceit grayman Icon_forum.png 2018 2017-12 0 William Steele
William Steele 6 - Corruption grayman Icon_forum.png 2019 2017-12 0 William Steele
William Steele 7 - The Builders' Forge grayman Icon_forum.png 2019 2017-12 0 William Steele
William Steele 8 - At Wood's End grayman Icon_forum.png 2019 2017-12 0 William Steele
The Dead Gathers Greebo, Angua Icon_forum.png 2010-07-08 2015? XXL Crucible of Omens
Blackstone manor Dram, Bikerdude Icon_forum.png 2015? 2014-02-17 XXL Crucible of Omens
Manor Royale Fidcal, Squill. Icon_forum.png 2015? 2010-08 L Crucible of Omens
The Buried Cloister Jdude, Fidcal, Bikerdude Icon_forum.png 2014-02-17 2015? XXL Crucible of Omens
Unknown Goldchocobo Icon_forum.png Unknown 2013-11-21 M?
Closemouthed Shadows 2 Dark Vendetta LordSavage Icon_forum.png Unknown 2012-03-27 M? Closemouthed Shadows
A Favored Treatment fllood Icon_forum.pngIcon_forum.png Unknown 2015-03-28 Unknown Unknown
Pagan Tree Village? PranQster Icon_forum.png Unknown 2012-03-12 L? Unknown
Moving Train Mission? Chuzhoi Icon_forum.png Unknown 2012-02-29 M? Unknown
Unknown Title? Baddcog Icon_forum.png After TDM 1.08? 2012-02-11 M? Unknown
Unknown Title? Jesps Icon_forum.png Unknown 2012-01-20 M? Selis Woderose?
Girl with a Rabbit ithel Icon_forum.png Unknown 2011-09-26 M? Unknown
Old Friends Johannes Burock Icon_forum.png Unknown 2011-01-29 M? Unknown
HSC 11, Unknown? Xcen Icon_forum.png Unknown 2011-11-08 M? Unknown HSC related
Unknown? Xcen Icon_forum.png Unknown 2011-06-17 M? Unknown
Unknown? ungoliant Icon_forum.png Icon_forum.png Unknown 2010-03 0 Unknown
Winter Map? AluminumHaste Icon_forum.png Unknown 2010-12-01 0 Unknown
Noble Cave? AluminumHaste Icon_forum.png Icon_forum.png Unknown 2010-02 0 Unknown
Cathedral? AluminumHaste Icon_forum.png Unknown 2009-11 0 Unknown
Wreckers reach Bikerdude, Jdude, Lemonyfresh. Icon_forum.png 2015? 2014/02/17 L Crucible of Omens
The Sly Project? Oszkár Winkler, With help from RailGun, Mr Mike, Goldchocobo Icon_forum.png Unknown 2010-08 L 5 missions long campaign

For the official release mission list, please visit:

Fan Missions for The Dark Mod