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* [[DarkRadiant coding standards|Coding standards]]
* [[DarkRadiant coding standards|Coding standards]]
* [[DarkRadiant module system|Module system]]
* [[DarkRadiant render system|Render system]]
* [[DarkRadiant render system|Render system]]
* [[DarkRadiant shader system|Shader system]]
* [[DarkRadiant shader system|Shader system]]

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The DarkRadiant Logo

DarkRadiant is The Dark Mod's very own map editor, originally based on the open-source GtkRadiant. Visit the project website for release announcements or check the development forums. The source code is hosted on github.

OrbWeaver started working on it in Spring 2006, greebo joined the team as of October 2006 (the initial release was version 0.5.0). Features at this stage include a categorised entity inspector, drag-resizable lights, projected lights, customisable colour schemes, skin chooser for models, UV editor, a unified surface inspector, color selection tool for lights and numerous bugfixes over the GtkRadiant codebase.

Alphabetical List of Articles

This is a selected list of articles and tutorials about DarkRadiant, the DarkMod map editor.
Please see the category DarkRadiant for a full list of articles for this topic.

Installation / Compilation


Python Scripting