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A number of unique arrows exist in The Dark Mod setting.

Rope Arrow


The rope arrow is fired like any normal arrow. As it hits its target, a small explosive charge goes off, spinning the drill head and projecting it into any wooden surface it hits. A moment later a spindle unlocks and lowers a rope.

There are currently a variety of rope arrow designs in use in the city. The modern rope arrows are based on much larger versions used decades ago against the empire's navy. The original design was much larger, and was launched by ballistae on the shore at the empire's ships. Winches were then used to pull the ships into range of archers or onto traps. Eventually the empire copied the design, and built smaller versions which could be used away from shore, allowing one ship to pull the other close enough to board.

Today a number of variations of this arrow now exist, used by hunters, thieves, construction workers, and even loggers.

See Rope Arrows for gameplay tips.

Fire Arrow


One of the first successful inventions of the Inventor's Guild was liquid fire--a fire that burns even on water and cannot be extinguished by normal means. While the formula for liquid fire is kept a close secret, the Alchemists Guild tried to compete with the Inventors by independently creating an improved formula (sparking a bitter feud between the two guilds that lasts to this day). After many attempts, the alchemists were unable to make anything but a mild form of liquid fire. Their less-effective combustible turned out to be perfect for small arms use, however.

The fire arrow has a small amount of this combustible material in the tip that explodes on impact. These arrows are highly prized by soldiers and mercenaries, and are considered status symbols because of their cost.

See Fire Arrows for gameplay tips.

Water Arrow


With the number of furnaces and steam engines in the city, fire is always a serious danger. Combined with the fear that an enemy nation might one day steal the recipe to liquid fire, the Inventors Guild was charged with developing something that could extinguish that fire. Their alchemists worked for many years, and the result of their efforts was a highly potent form of liquid. Capable of putting out liquid fire, it takes only a tiny amount to extinguish a normal flame.

Attached to arrows for easy delivery, they quickly became the tool of choice for fire brigades, who could use them to put out fires on roofs and other hard to reach locations. Most nobles keep a regular supply in case fire were ever to get out of control in their homes.

Water arrows spill their liquid on impact, putting out any fires directly below where they hit.

See Water Arrows for instructions on using water arrows in game.



The noisemaker arrow is a fairly simple device. A wind-up toy or other clockwork device is attached to the end of a blunt shaft. The arrow is not particularly loud, but it will draw the attention of nearby guards, creating a convenient distraction. Noisemakers can be retrieved and used again.

See Noisemaker Arrows for gameplay tips.

Gas Arrow


With a canister of highly potent sleeping gas on the tip, these arrows are highly effective and also highly illegal. Despite this, and their high cost, they are still popular among thieves, assassins, and kidnappers.

Vine Arrow


Spells and rituals to help plants grow are fairly common among mages and pagans, and these arrows make unique use of that magic. Upon impact, strong, magical vines will grow and embed themselves in any rough surface. These vines can then be climbed.

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