10 Simple Tricks for Better Looking Maps

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Sometimes it can be intimidating to look at beautiful TDM maps. But there are some very simple tips to make your maps look better. Here is a collection of simple things mappers can do:

(more to come, obviously)

1. Uneven Ground

by Springheel

Here's a simple little tip for making your maps look a little more realistic and less flat.

When making outdoor streets, yards or tunnels, it's common to just make a regular, flat brush for the floor. This tends to look artificial. In reality, dirt tends to accumulate along the edges of buildings/walls, and the center areas sink a bit due to traffic and/or run-off.

While modelling a completely uneven floor might be too time-consuming, there's quite an easy way to break up the flatness of the ground.

Read here: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/13338-newbie-mapper-tip-making-uneven-ground/