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The Dark Mod is a total conversion of Doom 3, turning it into a dark and moody stealth game inspired by the "Thief" series by Looking Glass Studios. We have completely revamped the gameplay, AI, graphics, HUD and weapon set to create a game that captures our vision of what a modern version of Thief: The Dark Project would have looked like. We do not, however, make reference to any IP owned by Eidos, so while the stealth gameplay is very similar to Thief, we have created our own universe and characters.


Starting at the end of 2004, The Dark Mod team has walked down a long winding road. Many people have been involved in this truly extraordinary project, working in his or her spare time to make their own vision of Thief-like gameplay come true. While modding projects of comparable size are always running the risk to end in talk over the years, The Dark Mod actually managed to continuously gain momentum towards the end.

The first huge milestone was reached by January 2008, when The Dark Mod team could deliver their first "alpha" mission Thief's Den. At this point, the game was far from being in a feature-complete state, but yet it was already possible to show off the mod's capabilities. The work on the Thief's Den release inspired the team to pull together, and an awesome progress rate has been achieved during these few weeks before release - everybody was pretty excited about the pre-release and wanted the mod to look as good as possible.

Seeing the feedback to Thief's Den was a huge incentive for the team. Although many have nearly burnt out themselves before release, the team decided to push even harder and deliver another demo - a larger one showing off more features. So development on The Tears of Saint Lucia started in early 2008, with the goal to show off a largely feature-complete mod by Summer 2008. This goal was missed by a few months, but in October 2008 Saint Lucia was finally released to the public. At this point, almost all features in TDM were implemented with the exception of Lockpicking and Melee Combat, and the feedback on Saint Lucia helped pointing out the remaining issues with the mod.

Since Saint Lucia, large efforts were made to iron out the last few critical bugs, tidy up things and plan for future upgrades to get the mod repository into a releasable state.

The Dark Mod was officially released on October 17th, 2009. Since then it has seen seven updates, and is currently at version 1.07.

With the release of the Doom 3 source code in 2011, those that remain on the development team have been working to try and untether TDM from Doom 3, so that people can play TDM without having Doom 3 installed. That requires a tremendous amount of work, especially to replace sounds, models, animations, and other D3 assets that TDM uses.

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